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Sports Taglines


Sports Taglines

Books had instant replays long before sports. - Bern Williams

Crime does not pay as well as politics and sports.

Good day for water sports. Take a bath with a friend

I am a Hollywood writer, so I put on a sports jacket and take off my brain

It's a beautiful day for a night game.

Mashed potatoes with skim milk is like a sports car with an automatic.

Moser's Law of Spectator Sports: Exciting plays occur only while you are watching the scoreboard or out buying a hot dog

My way isnt very sportsmanlike.

Newtonian mechanics - the guys that work on your sports telescope.

Nice moves. Too bad this isn't Wide World of Sports.

SEMINAR FOR MEN: The Weekend And Sports Are Not Synonymous.

SHORTEST BOOK: Olympic Athletes Who Think Sports Are Really Stupid

Sports Nut - An athletic supporter

Sports do not build character. They reveal it.

Stop! Modem police. We clocked your Sportster at over 1900 cps!

The 1st Amendment protects only the sports news?

The 2nd Amendment arms patriots, not sportsmen!

Useless Invention: Training wheels for timid sports car drivers.

When I feel athletic, I go to a sports bar.

Jocular: Of or relating to sports.

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